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Value Theory Applied To The Arts

Part I of the Economics In Arts Series Value Theory is a tricky subject to tackle in economics and business. When applied to the creative arts, it gets even trickier. The wants of consumers when […]

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How Inflation Affects The Creative Arts Industry

If you think musicians, writers, and artists don’t have to worry about economic forces such as inflation, think again. The Federal Reserve’s latest favorite buzzword is transitory inflation. This week alone on Twitter, the topic […]

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Revisiting one of the worst supreme court rulings of all time on the 94th anniversary of Buck v. Bell On November 19th, 1924, 18-year-old Carrie Buck sat in an Amherst county circuit courtroom in Virginia […]

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The Importance of Philosophy within Art

The journey of a creator’s discovery of Objectivism. *Originally published at Indie Art South Ayn Rand once concluded, ‘every writer is a moral philosopher,’ during a series of lectures for writers and students interested in […]